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a sound used to express confusion or lack of knowledge
a:who is that? and what are they doing?
b: *merph?*
by liz January 07, 2004
a sign of exasperation or frustration
Teacher: You have a four page paper due tomorrow

Student: MERPH!
by Steph April 19, 2005
to totally destroy in a hella savage manner

1: "'bout to merph this burger"
2: "dude did you see john get merphed last night"
"yeah, poor guy's probably still feeling it."

by Sydney/Emiko September 19, 2008
An expression indicating boredom, apathy, or lurrrrve.
Mike: Metinks joo are beautiful. :3
Ike: Mmmmmerph! X3 (I love you!)

Mike: I like honey-baked hams.
Ike: Merph. (Ho hum.)

Mike: .....
Ike: Merph. (La di da.)
by FriedKitten January 19, 2004
a word to show emotion to some amazing or sick nasty.
"That move was merph!"

"The movie we just watched was merph"
by DennyBihhh November 10, 2007
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