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A catastrophic event, which signals the begining of frenzied looting for no aparent reason.
Guy1: Dude, the worlds coming to the end.

Guy2: I always wanted a big screen.
by R-bomb July 19, 2005
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when chuck norris, mr. T, and Bohemian Rhapsody get into a fight
(how dare you stone me and spit in my eye?)
Dude#1: holy fuck! mr t chuck norris and bohemian rhapsody are fighing
by Zackfett May 14, 2008
When the budha(see entry by Grim Reaper) realises that he has no more followers and then he comes down to earth and lands in a slave camp were he is mistaken for an escaping slave and then shot. Then a giant meteor hits the earth and destroys all living creatures.
"Hey look escaping slave shoot him!"
"No its Budha but OK"
"wow his head is shiny like that meteor heading towards us"
"Oh shit! AAAAAAAAAA-"
by Grim Reaper March 10, 2005

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