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a typical Aussie bloke
he's such a porkchop... rugby, beer, and the ladies...
by steph August 04, 2004
A type of coffee. :D
"What type of cofee is that?"
"Beantown coffee!" =D
by Steph March 28, 2005
A shitty city, but atleast our boys can play basketball (sometimes)
Da 'Cuse is in the house ohmagawd, ohmagawd!
by Steph January 28, 2004
one of the most over-rated, ugly hair-styles that has ever existed on this planet...often a favourite for try-hard losers
if that guy in the example pic that goes by the name of Andy Cancer grew some hair...he'd be hot as...really a shame huh
by steph February 24, 2005
The gay one. Although this piano playing, lead singing member of Hanson is married with two children, he still leaves the world confused. Blessed with a 'unique?' fashion sense and unprecedented ability to talk with his hands, Mr Taylor "The Gay One" Hanson leaves the world questioning the accuracy of it's gaydar.
"Aww, there's the gay one and his wife... I wonder if he'll stop for an autograph! Where do you think the fat one and the disposable one ran off to?"
by Steph April 25, 2005
a person with two different souls stuck inside of them with two totally different personalities
if you are schizophrenic, one minute you'll be happy and smiling, then the next minute, you'll be in tears
by steph March 20, 2005
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