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84 definitions by Cody

Cannabis Doobie

discreet slang for marijuana
Dude. Lets go burn a CD! *wink*
by Cody July 19, 2004
31 38
One that fucks gays
Thomas is a big homofucker.
by Cody October 20, 2003
34 42
to have sex with a fat chick. if youve ever seen road trip, you know what i mean
" whoa, dude, did you kill a cheetah!?!?"
by cody July 01, 2003
3 11
a meter that detects the average gayness in scott
scots scotometer blew up after over loading
by cody February 06, 2003
7 15
an uber nube, an extreme novice
Etymology: nerdy online PC gamer language, from German uber meaning super
Synonyms: homosexual, jackass, moron
Antonyms: badass, 31337 mo'er fucker
People who waste their lives at LanWerx are nubers.
by Cody September 08, 2003
12 21
A great band who has a mix of metal and classic rock vocals from two different singers. Many compare them to Slipknot, although; they came before slipknot.
Slipknot, Mudvayne, Mushroom Head
by Cody January 03, 2005
28 38