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The best stoner movie ever. Although it recieved mostly negative reviews from dumbass critics and was pretty much forgotten by many, it has been reveled by stoners since it first came out in 1998. It has recently attracted lots of non-tokers because it stars Dave Chappelle, who since the movie has become very popular due to his TV show "Chappelle's Show", which airs on Comedy Central.
I watch Half Baked so much, I can nearly quote the entire movie word for word.
by tokin D May 31, 2004
1) when you are only half stoned
2) a plan not well thought out
3) a great stoner movie
Dude, i need more weed. Im only half baked

We should steal PS3's and then return them to the store for money! Uhm that is the most half baked scheme i have ever heard of.

They Killed KILLER B!
by Rob Blazer December 30, 2006
A great little movie and a quality ben & jerry ice cream flavor
Yeah, one more thing. Remember that stuff? We used to eat a whole lot of it back in the day? What was it... oh yeah, pussy.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
Something very poorly designed or executed.
Going into Iraq was such a half-baked plan.
by bigtangringo June 21, 2005
foolish, poorly thought out, ill conceived
They are always coming up with half-baked excuses.
by Light Joker November 07, 2005
Half baked is A funny movie for and with stoners. Dave chapple, #1 comedian is also in it which adds more laughs.
out take from half baked.
(scarface)Your titty popped out
(Thurgood)Now thats what i call a titty
by Stoner(andrew nguyen) January 12, 2006
Something that is not good enough to be categorized as the real deal.
A half baked meal is barely edible. A half baked friend leaves a lot to be desired from the friendship. Half baked person is incompetent and is barely good enough to serve a meanful purpose.
by Sundayword August 20, 2009
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