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The leftover particles of cocaine after you snort a line, that are rubbed on the gums.
Some powder just flew up my nose, where's my mother fuckin' numby dickwad?
by Cody March 20, 2005
Cocaine rubbed on the filter of a cigarette. Also if you pack the cigs right you can put some up in front of the tobacco.

Lets go get an eight ball and save a half gram for a pack of numby cigs.

by addict7 August 10, 2006
A synonym for boobies or breasts. Most popolarly used in Southern Africa, with its etymology most likely starting with one of the native tounge's.
She has well nice numbies.
by singe May 25, 2004
The act of masturbation with a twist.
Step one: Sit on your hand till it falls asleep .
Step two: beat your meat or slap your slit.
That chick was so hot I think I need to go numby off.
by notandrew September 16, 2007
A nickname for Embassy No.1, a popular cigarette brand, particularly in the North of England.
"I'll have a pack of 20 numbies cheers mate".
by Andy Of Andy Hall July 24, 2005
getting head from a bitch with no teeth.
your grandma just gave me an awesome numby.
by Dan, the liberator January 05, 2004
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