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Welcome to the One of the most Rainest places in the continental United States. Its CLoudy all the Time,
It Rains at least once a week if not more. Cronic Disorder is a huge problem(People go crazy becuase not enough Vitimen C, Or SUNLIGHT) GET SOME SUN Pale Organians
by Cody April 21, 2005
1) A stupid or foolish person
2) A person who thinks they are cool, but will never make something of theirselves in life
3) A person who dislikes people who dont dress and act like them

Example: The guys who stuff kids in garbage cans and laugh, and the chicks who are hot, but have the brain mass of a small child, they usuall dress in American Eagle and Ambecrombie and Fitch, usually at battle with Goths and poser Goths
"Those preppy bastards cant even get a GED!"
by Cody March 12, 2003
what u do in front of people while being drunk as fuck!
How much have u had to drink?
sut hte fuk up dood im beetin my fukin meet%$23?>
by cody September 02, 2004
a blunt containing marijuana, lsd, and cocaine.
Holy shit ive never been so fucked up as when we smoked that jim jones
by cody December 02, 2004
The State where everyone is a fan of only one college Oregon State, Im alking devoted. Posers too California Posers. They wont admit it but they are soo Jealous. Besides Look at the population diferences, 39,000,000 compared to Only 3,000,000. Sacramento County alone Has 3,000,000.
Oregon Sucks Green And Yellow are the worst colors ever. Portland and Oregon are Racist.
by Cody April 21, 2005
huzzle: to hump a man vigourously who has boobs and no penis...to hump a man that is a woman
Man:Yo! you huzzled my brother
Woman: Hell no! i wouldnt huzzle that
Man: You huzzled my brother!
Woman: I wouldnt huzzle cody!
Man: Fo shizzle my nizzle:
by Cody December 20, 2003
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