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by Rainbow_Creeper3 April 19, 2017
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(jah-nee) 1 One who has no fear; having courage; having a fine appearance 2 Gallant, courteous, like an ideal knight 3 Someone with a special charm or allure that inspires allegiance or devotion 4 One of, if not THE coolest person you'll encounter in your lifetime 5 The most interesting man in the room at all times 6 One who has an incredibly oversized cock
"OMG...He's hung like Johnny!"
by Judonknow February 03, 2010
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Have you ever met a Johnny? Well, if you haven't, then you're missing out. He's the most amazing person in the world. Just seeing him gives you butterflies. He can make you feel amazing just by holding you in his arms. When you're worried about other girls, he'll give you the sweetest reasons why you don't have to worry. He doesn't realize how special he is, which is a shame, but at least you have you have an entire lifetime to show him. Don't ever take him for granted because you will regret it. He has the most gorgeous brown eyes, and is extremely sexy. He could have any girl in the world, so you should feel really lucky if he chooses to be with you <3
Me: I don't trust her..
Johnny: Why? She's just a friend.
Me: So..I can tell she likes you..
Johnny: Don't worry..She's not my type.
Me: Well, who is?
Johnny: You are :)
by lovehim4ever June 01, 2011
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A true Johnny is an elusive one of a kind guy who makes the best friend you could ever hope to have. Ever seen Superman? Well, that’s him, but he is sexier and even cuter. His sideways smile may kill you. He will never, ever let you down when you really need him to save the day. Johnny is laid back, but also a natural born determined leader of the masses, if only he can get over his fear of success. He can garner the full attention of a crowd with little thought or effort required on his part. His personality is so magnetic, you should never get near him if you are afraid of getting pulled too close. IF you happen to be the girl lucky enough to catch him, you should never take him for granted. Nurture and care for him, never ever let him go.
Things have really gone south, I may need you to pull a Johnny for me.

I can't get anyone to listen, if only there were a Johnny here...

Sorry, girl. Not all men can be a Johnny. Gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince.
by Audrey H February 16, 2017
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a street name for a condom
also a name for a person
ì slapped the johnny on and rammed her
by bamfany February 12, 2007
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A person with an awesome personality. Always calm and cool and knows how to handle things. Girl-magnet and definitely hot.
You have a "johnny" personality.
by imurgirl February 06, 2010
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Words can not describe how amazing johnny is. He is a sexy hot hansom attractive sexual cute sweet amazing nice kind caring and much much much more. he is an amazing kisser. someone you don't wanna stop kissing. you would kiss him instead of breathing. someone who is the best boyfriend ever. you will make you feel like a princess and the only girl in the world. he is not afraid to kiss u in front of anyone. wants to show u off to his friends. if u are having a bad day will hold you in his arm and not let you go. will make you feel happy no matter what mood your in. he will put up with you when you are pmsing. just the most amazing guy in the world someone you would be lucky to have. someone you don't ever want to let go. there is so much more but it just wouldn't all fix even if it went on forever <3 :*
Girl one: omfg is that ur bf over there
Girl two: Yes! he is named Johnny
Girl one: you are sooo lucky you have a Johnny
Girl two:ik <3
by 1dlover11099 May 15, 2012
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