84 definitions by Cody

Penii, or a phallus.
jesus tits, man, my weeblo is HUGE.
by Cody February 09, 2004
The essence of gayness.
Elton John is so trojanfan6.
by Cody June 02, 2003
Your a lier HOE!!!
Mom Fo' Lizzle You!!!
by Cody December 12, 2003
Ending a game of hacky sack by dropping, missing, or kicking the sack too far.
"You quashed it three times, get against the wall bitch"
by cody March 04, 2005
What a mexican smells like. A mix between ass and burrito.
Damn, that mexican smells like assurito. He must be alergic to soap and water.
by Cody October 12, 2003
Cats- Referring to a group of males.
"I'm not to blame, for the pain , that was caused by previous cats " - Musiq
by Cody June 18, 2004
a gay person who likes it up the bum.
"jay jay is a blood butt"
by cody November 29, 2003

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