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the main part of a man's body to help produce sperm is this area is to be stimulated a man will feel intense amounts of pleasure
the prostate is a walnut kind of shape and feel its felt good when it was touched
by Cody June 22, 2004
Means lively or active.
As in the movie bad santa
"...is granny spry?"
by cody April 13, 2005
no ruber(condom) then no intercourse (sex)
tyler:want to make love
andi:no glove no love
by cody May 07, 2005
Term used to show poor quality of something/someone.
This is the most sorry ass movie I've ever seen.
by Cody May 23, 2004
1.)A sometimes insulting way of telling someone to go away, get lost, or leave you alone. Commonly acompanied by the word "junior".

2.) To uninsultingly instruct 1 or more people to leave.

Hit the bricks junior!

Three's a crowd, so hit the bricks.


Man, this party's stale. Let's hit the bricks.

I'll play one more, than I'm gonna hit the bricks.
by Cody May 23, 2004
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