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A person that would appear to have rat like features. Example: only two teeth show mainly that look like theyd be good at nibbling cheese. A nose that resembles those of a rat. And sometimes even there hands can look like rat claws.
Oh my god...look at that kid guys, see his face? Hes so ratty!
by Cody October 19, 2002
The deepest street fighter clone ever made. About as deep as a drop of water on a hot pan. Anyone's mom can play and beat it within an hour.
I can beat any Tekken game at "Hard" setting by hitting the control pad repeatedly with my toes.
by Cody February 24, 2003
The fat buldge below a girls stomach and above her poontang
Man, that ho-girl's got an incredibly huge pounch
by Cody October 08, 2003
A Kraka is a person that listens to anything but mainstream music today, has democratic political views, and enjoy nature. Very universal too.
Hey, look at those krakas.

Wheres the hole, i gotta krake.
by cody April 19, 2005
gettin' a little crazy and drunk off cristall
That girl got crunk in the club last night.
by cody June 07, 2004
Its like a hand shake. But insted the two users make fists and punch one anothers hand, not hard, just a with a little force.
A good time to use it is when something cool just happened. Kinda like a high five.
"Sweet, you can see that chicks thong! Dukes!! "
by Cody October 19, 2002
a man who has NO dates( he is 0 for 1, ofer 1, get it?)
" Jimmy is such an ofer!"
by cody July 01, 2003

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