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1) A musical instrument that is not electric
2) A musical performance that uses no electric instruments (aside from microphones and similar amplification)
1) Jimi Hendrix played an electric guitar on the song "Purple Haze", but Paul Simon played an acoustic guitar on Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson". Techno and dance music uses electric drums, but rock music typically sticks to acoustic drums.

2) Eric Clapton's band did an acoustic show on "Mtv Unplugged".
by Bill M. August 27, 2004
white version of remix
Wow this acoustic of How to Save a Life is great!
by Jersey son November 09, 2006
a musical instrument which produces its normal sound through the sounding board and is not amplified in any way
Mumford and Sons is an Acoustic Band, that uses all Acoustic instruments.
by ilovemumfordmorethenanything September 25, 2012
A word to describe Cleavage, the space in your mouth while giving a blow-job, or how tight you are.
Mmmmm that girl's got some nice acoustics!
by asmondaus March 29, 2010
Seeing a pair of boobs with no bra. A naked pair of breasts.
Ralph: "Wow, Jenny sure does have nice boobs!"
Rodney: "They're not great acoustic though man. Big let downs..."
by Ahleeks March 14, 2011
a word used to describe anything that works without electricity. It can also refer to doing anything without using electronic gadgets, or something old fashioned.
" My grandpa has an acoustic 1930's phone."
" Fred didn't ask Liz out on Facebook, he did it the acoustic way"
by MamaGramma March 05, 2010
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