84 definitions by Cody

An annoying, smartass board member from LS2.com
Crackerjack is so annoying, I want to hit him in the face with a shovel.
by Cody April 24, 2005
to have intercourse or sex
i had cudalingus with laquisha
by cody May 07, 2005
Ancheint greek acronm for piss on shorts
DAMN cant u hold it u got P.O.S>
by Cody June 08, 2004
Yhe best thing that happened to the video game industry
Hey, yo, hit me up.im semi pro and under sponsorships in Halo 2!!My Xbox Live Gamertag is Xx Anthraxz xX . So hit me up,k?(im no terrorist.i love the US of A...im Canadian. lol
by Cody June 14, 2006
Hella used by many in Sacramento, people are under the impression that that is the way everybody talks everywhere else
Everyone uses the word Hella too much
by Cody April 21, 2005
After Sex Arousal Plan
Only 6 minutes? I need an ASAP, cuz i'm a fucking loser.
by Cody December 13, 2003

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