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A combination of narsty and aresome created by some 8th graders at a lunch table for the purpose of something disgustingly funny.
That meatloaf surprise in your carrots looks aresome!
by Cody February 28, 2005
strange creature of jurrisac era much like a mammoth, but with a pt badge for a left eye, characteristics include, making privateuffelupagus's do push ups for no reason other than personal pleasure, and eating cheese.
elmo comforted saxtonuffelupagus when he lost his dear friend mr. huggy, the stuffed brick of cheese he recieved from his late mother while a child.
by cody May 21, 2004
a person who cant stand english, but will do anything because they dont understand english
do u speek english? no do u like dick
ask jonny to the chines girl
by cody December 11, 2003
that which pertains to person so gay, and stupid that they are a gay-homo-retard, or for short, "gaymotard."
Dude, that guy is such a gaymotard.
You gaymotardistic freak!
by Cody October 06, 2003
The fucked up bastard of a dirty slut and a flamer
by Cody May 08, 2003
pimp rims that spinn when you stop and gets you the girls
i was pimpin wit spinners on the feets
by cody October 13, 2003
Generally used for overweight men who try to dance at parties/clubs/dances etc but fail to look good doing it.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA See "Curtis" over there, what a "fat dancer"!
by Cody October 19, 2002

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