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The feeling of comradery that arises from sharing a bong with a person or persons.
Danbo felt that the education he lost from ditching class and doing drugs was compensated for by the special bongding experiences he had with friends when doing so. Plus, he got lots of highdeas that never would have occurred to him in school. You can ask him about it yourself. He's a waiter at Denny's.
by Circushead July 07, 2006
Any charter bus carrying a bunch of Canadians from southern Ontario to a Buffalo Bills game on a Sunday afternoon.
The Tool Bus will leave the parking lot of the Scarborough East Ramada Inn at 11:00 a.m. sharp, and return to the same place at approximately 8 p.m. Vomit cleanup will then commence.
by circushead August 04, 2006
The heavy dose of Listerine that some hapless drunks must indulge before going to work in order to cover up the distillery odour they carry from drinking all night.
Poor Patrick thought his Listerine coffee would cover up his showing up to work plastered at 9:45 a.m., but his listlessness and red eyes gave him away.
by Circushead July 10, 2006
Someone who takes out his frustrations on an unrelated but easy to punish other.
Johann, in typical pidgeon kicker style, screamed at the homeless panhandler because his boss had earlier chewed him out for showing up to work drunk.
by Circushead July 10, 2006
A person who believes that, while there is intelligent life that guides the universe, it does not reside in New Jersey. Coined by Woody Allen in the script of his movie, 'Sleeper'.
He defined himself as a theologicalexistentialatheist, but his Newark relatives were not impressed.
by circushead March 03, 2008
Someone who works in the advertising business.
Who's the adhole who came up with that commercial featuring the duck who knows only one word?
by circushead August 04, 2006
Really bad tapioca pudding.
We had steak for dinner and crapioca for dessert.
by Circushead July 04, 2006
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