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How a misguided person might describe a beautiful cinematic depiction of the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, which got two thumbs up from Ebert and Roper, not to mention one thumb up from the late Pope John Paul II.
Not surprisingly, the knee-jerk Catholic hater termed Mel Gibson's fine film 'Christploitation'.
by Circushead June 28, 2006
Oral sex from a radioactive person.
If I went to Chernobyl and got a <hummer>, no doubt it would probably turn out to be my first glowjob.
by Circushead June 27, 2006
Something that purports to be art but is not.
(bogus + art =bogart)
That hack who sculpted Jesus out of chocolate at Easter time was looking for fame, but all he did was create yet another piece of bogart.
by circushead May 17, 2007

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