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The precise moment at which you realize something is a total ripoff.
The gypping point, for me, arrived shortly after the opening credits.
by circushead July 25, 2006
To overestimate, or underestimate, the size of a woman's breasts.
I made the mistake of buying a bra for my girlfriend, and made a terrible misjugment.
by Circushead June 29, 2006
A robot made entirely of dung.
My turdbot can play the kazoo, and it's 100% biodegradable.
by Circushead July 10, 2006
Someone in the communication business who's always trying to get people to look at his work.
Ted: Who was that, Tad?
Tad: Some portholio trying to make an appointment.
by Circushead July 04, 2006
Using your hardly read by anybody blog to copiously praise the work of your friends, usually at their behest, in a vain attempt to create a 'media buzz' around them.
When he got his buddy to publicly blowg him, saying that he was a rising star in the advertising world, worth at least ten times anyone else at his agency, everyone just felt really sorry for him.
by circushead June 23, 2006
What happens when you breed the world's greatest beer with the world's toughest dog.
Budweiler, if it existed, would be a marketing marriage made in hell.
by Circushead July 06, 2006
Walking around looking for discarded cigarette and cigar ends that can still be lit and smoked.
I saw an ill-dressed man walking with his eyes cast down, occasionally stooping to examine and pick up a length of discarded cigarette, and I knew the man was on a butt cruise.
by Circushead July 10, 2006

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