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Means "Player Kill" Which is used most often for online games such as MMORPG's.
Im gonna pk you if you attack me
#own #noob #attack #death #omfg
by Brian mmmm December 27, 2005
In Cantonese swearing, sometimes referring to "pok gai", which means trip on a street or fall down because of tripping.
I pk 10 times when I was climbing the Great Wall.
#pk #swearing #slang #cantonese #chinese
by SBNCK May 02, 2007
Pronounced "Pee-kay"

Originally meaning "Player Killing," the term PK is now also colloquially used in China and Taiwan as a verb form of the word versus in situations where there may actually be no avatar/player killing. It is most used in 1v1 situations like 1v1 basketball, 1v1 starcraft, 1v1 league of legends, 1v1 chess, 1v1 eating contests, 1v1 footrace etc. PK can also be applied to situations where one team is against another in a 1 team vs 1 team scenario like in the NBA, soccer, baseball, etc.

not to be confused with Penis Kissing unless you want to piss off Asians.
FOB: Robert and Ted are playing basketball tonight. Let's go watch them PK.
nonFOB: Don't use the term PK. People may think you're referring to Penis Kissing (touching the tip of a dick with another).
FOB: Shut up.

Oh. You think you are better than me at insert game/sport/etc.? Let's PK to see who is better.
#versus #vs #1v1 #dueling #duel #fob #fresh off the boat
by boxtosa May 29, 2013
Pain Killer
That dumb kid is always poppin' P.K.'s an shiz...
by Zeke Pretti February 15, 2004
P.K. ORIGINALLY meant Preacher's Kid. Usually having to do with the irony that a preacher's kid is doing or has commited bad or wrong acts- acts you wouldn't expect from a "preacher's kid!"
Guy 1: Man, your girl, Stephanie is a slut!
Guy 2: You know her dad's a Preacher?
Guy 1: Oh yeah?-you got yourself a PK- huh? They say those preacher's kids are the worst.
#preacher's kids #bad ass kids #p.k. #terrible kids #kids from a religious background
by DBLOVE July 31, 2007
Poor Kid.
some one with little or no money.
Sterotype at school
Man kenny is such a PK
He cant even go to the football game tonite.
#poor #kid #pk #p #k poor #people
by Taylorr January 11, 2008
player killer - someone who kills in a mmorpg
bloods are evil p.k's
by ripthesystym December 10, 2002
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