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45 definitions by Circushead

The world's most expensive table dancer.
Shania Twain sure got a lot of money to lip sync and change outfits fourteen times in ninety minutes.
by circushead December 14, 2006
Getting severely reprimanded for poor performance at work.
He was up for review, and was sure that a big raise 'n praise was in order. Instead, he got PK'd.
by circushead June 23, 2006
Slang for a cigarette.
Bertie asked Jeeves for a gasper, and the latter obliged him.
by circushead August 03, 2006
Performing an action which makes an already doomed situation even worse.
Nigel: So then I let her in on the fact that I have a collection of all the vintage Star Wars action figures, in their original packaging no less.

Charlie: Man, she already thought you were a loser, by telling her that you were just bombing the Titanic.
by Circushead July 11, 2006
A girl who only goes out with old guys.
Sheila is a well-known geezer squeezer, who has provided many an enjoyable night for some of her fortysomething divorced male acquaintances.
by circushead March 08, 2007
Any public transit vehicle. The name is derived from American presidential election loser turned environment activist, the tubby genius Al Gore.
I was late today because I took the Goremobile and it broke down.
by circushead August 24, 2006
A couple who are terrible together.
Chad and Jen are a gruesome twosome alright. Inseperable, and insufferable.
by Circushead June 29, 2006