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45 definitions by Circushead

An aversion to Barack Obama.
His obamaversion led him to vote Clinton.
by circushead February 26, 2008
41 9
Getting severely reprimanded for poor performance at work.
He was up for review, and was sure that a big raise 'n praise was in order. Instead, he got PK'd.
by circushead June 23, 2006
41 9
Slang for a cigarette.
Bertie asked Jeeves for a gasper, and the latter obliged him.
by circushead August 03, 2006
80 50
Performing an action which makes an already doomed situation even worse.
Nigel: So then I let her in on the fact that I have a collection of all the vintage Star Wars action figures, in their original packaging no less.

Charlie: Man, she already thought you were a loser, by telling her that you were just bombing the Titanic.
by Circushead July 11, 2006
31 3
A girl who only goes out with old guys.
Sheila is a well-known geezer squeezer, who has provided many an enjoyable night for some of her fortysomething divorced male acquaintances.
by circushead March 08, 2007
31 5
Any public transit vehicle. The name is derived from American presidential election loser turned environment activist, the tubby genius Al Gore.
I was late today because I took the Goremobile and it broke down.
by circushead August 24, 2006
31 5
Some guy, usually at work, who's always providing information that you don't really want. Often, he prefaces it by saying, or writing, 'FYI'.
Ted: FYI, I'm just gonna go take a dump. But after I finish up in there, I'll be back.

Me: Thanks a lot, FYI Guy.
by Circushead June 28, 2006
31 7