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To give someone their first orgasm, or first good sexual encounter. To introduce someone to the real world.
"He really really really fucked my coochie/he really really really turned me out/he really really really got to gut me/he really really really made me scream and shout" - From Nas's "Oochie Wally"
by Not Yet a Texan July 07, 2005
To turn a good person with minimal or shy sexual experience into a freaky sex hungry nympho!
Yea shes hot..But shes a goody goody..I'll turn out this chic soon enough!
by bskillzz February 16, 2006
to lead a woman into prostitution. this is somewhat archaic - term possibly more in use in the 70's-80's
"Like other girls lured into prostitution at a young age, the one known in court only as A.P. will probably suffer for a long time.

And the man who turned her out, putting the runaway on the streets of the District at age 12 to turn tricks, should suffer just as long, a federal judge said yesterday."

usually, when you turn out a girl she becomes your whore, and then you're her pimp.
by stendhalismo April 01, 2006
An "Old School" Biker term, now, with the advent of HIV-AIDS, Herp-C and other incurable and fatal STD's, nearly defunct, refering to a slut that will fuck all dudes at a party or run who want tha pussy & don't mind sloppy seconds(or fifths, tenths, twentyeths, or whatever)
I still hardly believe that cunt turnout fucked every Brother in tha Club!
by GrizzlyIX September 03, 2006
how many people showed up i.e., to a party
I didn't expect all of these people to show up, we've got a good turnout
by nnaatt July 23, 2010
To have a have a successfull emptying of the bowels through the rectum.
I say Betty, I had a great turnout on 't' pot today.
by Ali T May 26, 2005
to force another to become the submissive or receptive partner in a circumstantial homosexual relationship; frequently deployed in the context single-gendered spaces, such as the penitentiary.
Hey white boy, sit your ass down on my bed, son. I'm gonna turn your ass out.
by Mikey March 17, 2005