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The number 28 means to titty bite. The number 2 is meant to look like a jaw while the 8 being titties.
Dude, Im'a gonna 28 your girlfriend so hard she'll drop 3 breast sizes.
by Slim Phady November 15, 2007
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The measurement used to mean 28 grams (or 1 oz) of something; specifically used when measuring herbs.
Guy 1- Yo bro can I get a 28 of oregano?

Guy 2- Yea bro I got you an ounce of that oregano, come through.
by 28 man October 09, 2012
To fight a group of people while only containing yourself and a friend example 2 =you and friend ,8= group ...Originated in Florida
You:Eh Tre and his squad sellin out , lets go 28 those niggaz
by Sam(850) May 05, 2009
2 8
The numerical way of saying swag.
Montae: Check out these fresh new bathing apes I just got!

Javon: Hell yeah those shoes are 2 8!
by unheardof28 January 10, 2012
2=B and 8=H for the word BrotherHood. 28 / BrotherHood is a branch of the Norteno street gang in San Jose California
I saw a guy with the number 28 tattood under his eye.
by 1069 GTO converible September 12, 2008
how to say good bye
"yo man I'll see ya later

by Jeffrey Fenn February 10, 2009
1) Answer to any number-related question.
2) Answer to any word-related question.
3) Answer to any food-related question.
4) Answer to any awkward silences.
5) Answer to anything.
1) Daisy - What time is it?
Emma - 28.
2) Daisy - What colour paint shall I use?
Emma - 28.
3) Daisy - What's for dinner?
Emma - 28.
4) Daisy - I don't believe in Jesus.
Emma - Err.. 28?
5) Daisy - Emma, if there is no god and we are not here just to procreate, what is the point of living and what is the meaning of life? Do you think there could be life on other as yet undiscovered planets and if there is, do you think we could inter-breed with them? And if not, why not?
Emma - 28.
by NH3 April 07, 2008

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