Akin to flicking the bean a term for manual stimulation of the female genitalia specifically the hood over the clitoris. Either as part of female masturbation or an act carried out by an obliging partner
Foreplay was amazing: I was battering the lampshade for hours
by csace April 04, 2020
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someone: hey! look at that dumb teenage girl!
someone else: yeah, she's trash.
by iamtrashforryanross June 30, 2018
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A Nigerian slang for a white person that has been scammed. Mostly used by internet scammers in Nigeria.
Also an alternative for the word mugu(dumb person).
Also best spoken with Nigerian pidgin.
An example in Nigerian pidgin

e.g: Oboi’ my maga don pay!
Which translates to:
The maga has paid the money into my account.
by 9jabot April 06, 2018
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It's the cool way to say "what's up". It used to be "wassup", but that got real old real fast.
by childdd November 01, 2017
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also known as kamea; is taken to keigo takami. kamea is his wife. shes the love of his life. kamea and keigo know eachother like no other. they spend every second they can together.

kamea and keigos relationship are built off love, loyalty and trust. kamea and keigo do tend to be very intimate with eachother. theyre a power - couple.

sorry ladies, but this man is taken to the woman of his dreams.

person 1: “who’s that - hot, stunning woman over there, next to keigo?”

person 2: “keigo takamis’ wife, her name is kamea, with her soon to be last name; takami.”
by loveringer September 04, 2021
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When a white girl is both done and hungry
Basic bitch 1: Omg I can't even. Starbucks is closed!

Basic bitch 2: Rilly? God, now I'm SO dungry.
by sturgillbabe23 October 24, 2014
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