An instance of extraordinary boredom and curiosity that appears when one already has searched for what "qwertyuiop" and "asdfghjkl" mean. This word is rarely typed, most due to the fact that anyone who types it has already avoided all previous warnings.
This is your last chance. Get to work!
Bored person: "Man, this is boring. Let me just type my entire keyboard into Google real quick. Hmmm it seems they know I'm bored, meh whatever." *proceeds to type in 'zxcvbnm'*
by aWizardyPieceOfShit December 4, 2018
You are bored and decide to type “zxcvbnm” on to Urban dictionary.

The bottom of the QWERTY keyboard.
I’m so board lol haha
by Juliuscool March 21, 2020
when some one cleaning the dust from his key board when the computer is on
by unknown_shadow June 24, 2010
A boring dude with an ass, just like you type in zxcvbnm at the second bottom of the keyboard and search for it without any reason s. Hey you wanted to masturburate yourself but you feel shame so to pretend nothing happen to FBI, you search zxcvbnm and think everything is ok
fbi: wassup u watch loli again???
You: nonono, look, I just type zxcvbnm in urban dictionary, nothing big happen
by PolyMoster February 11, 2022
people punch these keys on the key board when they get irritated at their computer or have mental problems and believe this is a real word>
George: Darn it! I hate this computer!!
George's fingers: zxcvbnm
by Harv Asdfghjkl December 11, 2003
When your 1 year old gets on the computer and thinks that she is actually typing something interesting.
by Annette Puga March 27, 2004
estoy aburrido : zxcvbnm
by BRUG4MER April 14, 2021