the state of inequivalent boredom, unlike any boredom you have ever known which makes you type out the letters from left to right on a keyboard.
qwertyuiop is an act that has no examples, it is simply done.
by milkywayexpress October 18, 2018
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Usually the top line of a keyboard, qwertyuiop was the first word ever sent in an e-mail.
Q:What is the longest word you can make out of QWERTYUIOP?


by Marcus Quinn June 28, 2006
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this is what happens when you run your finger across the top row of a keybord
wow im bored lets look up the deffinition for qwertyuiop
by chick chickahh September 3, 2009
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First "word" ever e-mailed during the testing of the first networks.
1st e-mail message:
by BradyChan7 March 26, 2004
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A word used for

A) Naming a computer file.

B) Trying to be less bored.
Bobert: "qwertyuiop."

Samert: " Aww man is it really that bad?"
by Hairy Grenencha July 21, 2010
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when you are texting and you dont know how to respond
(in text)
-hey man!!
by that little reggid March 12, 2019
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