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Microsoft's new MP3/Video player that actually is making Apple nervous. It can share files wirelessly via Wi-Fi, can play videos on a bigger screen than the iPod, charge faster and doesn't look too bad. It actually looks like it has a thumb wheel like the iPod so it can convert people to the Zune.
Slash: Look, I got the new Zune.
Torch: Oh, that. It's no match for the iPod. Nobody bought it yet and nobodys gonna.
Slash: Well, it can share files wirelessly and has a bigger screen to play videos.
Torch: And who will you share videos with?
Slash: Well...uh...stfu.
by The Mr Needles Experience October 03, 2006
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A crap MP3 player. Only compatible with PCs. Really ugly. Doesn't even tell time. Will never beat iPod.

Zune: 2 million sold
iPod: 150 million sold
Person 1 (says to person 2 listening to Zune):
Hey, what time is it?

Person 2: I don't know. The Zune doesn't tell time.

Person 1: What?? What electric device nowadays doesn't tell time?

Person 3: Lemme check my iPod.
by gamerdude94 February 07, 2009
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a shit, as in "to take a shit"
"I'm going to go take a zune"
by All other names are taken September 20, 2007
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An Ipod on Steroids. It costs as much as an Ipod, carries the same amount of songs, and is uglier. The Good part is that it has a bigger screen. Nobody has one.

The Slogan sucks too, "WELCOME TO THE SOCIAL".
Dude1:Whats that brown piece of crap in your hands?
Dude2:Its a zune, its awesome!
Dude1:Look around you, everybody else has an Ipod
Dude2:I gotta return this
by Danny Nguyen January 27, 2007
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Slang term for feces, shit.
"I've gotta drop a Zune" or "hey, watch your step in this park, there are Zunes everywhere due to all the dogs" referring to something undesireable:
"I went to the new mexican place, total Zune!"
by colostomy bagpiper January 02, 2007
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Wannabe, poser, follower, a charlatan of sorts. One who copies or immitates all or most of the aspects dealing with their idol. They may wish to have certain clothing, skills, vocabulary, etc., of their idols instead of their own. Most likely a zune is lacking in self confidence and is looking for guidance.
Skater zunes dress like skaters and buy skateboards even though when they try to skate they end up falling on their arse after about 3 seconds.
by Rob Walch July 25, 2006
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Microsoft's version of the Apple iPod. It's not bad; similar to the iPod only with a different interface and control scheme. It also has Wi-Fi sharing among other features, but being that it's by Microsoft, somehow it automatically sucks.
Should I get a Zune or an iPod? Ummm... well, everyone knows that the Zune is by Microsoft and the iPod is by Apple, soooo... I'm gonna go with the iPod. :)
by text of death March 16, 2008
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Failed, or to fail. Complete waste of time.
It had gas, but the car didn't start. I guess I bought a zuned car. I think I might zune my payments on the thing.
by Felipefjjf December 18, 2006
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