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Destroyed, murdered. Denotes a catastrophe. From the Watership Down glossary of Lapine, the language of rabbits.
'Zorn! Zorn!' cried the dreadful squealing voice. 'All dead! O Zorn!'"
by elston March 22, 2005
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An outgoing, over the top, active person; who is usually, physically fit.

They are in love with all sporting activities, especially extreme sports, and they will try anything once. They have no boundaries and take eveything past the limits.

Although typically a show off, a zorn also has a sensitive side. If teased or does not get its way a zorn will cry, pout and have a temper tantrum have been forewarned!
Dude! Did you see that wicked jump.....ZORN!

Please...please...... :(
by jeff12345678987654321 February 06, 2010
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