A truly epic (used in the actual sense, not the modern sense) book by Richard Adams about of a group of semi-anthropomorphic rabbits who make their way across the English countryside in search of a new home. Though built on a simple concept, it is a grand tale of adventure, full of dynamic characters, intense action, suspense, mythology and mystery.

And it's not just a kid's book. Read it, you'll fall in love with the story of Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Blackberry, Dandelion, and El-ahrairah.
(At library)
Jerky teenage boy: This place blows, lets go!
Librarian: Here, read this book, it's about rabbits.
Boy: Sounds gay, but whatever....
(One week later)
Boy: Holy shit, that book is f**king amazing!

"Wisdom is found on the desolate hillside, where none come to feed." -Lord Frith, Watership Down
by thedoctor700 May 3, 2011
A book about rabbits, written by Richard Adams in 1972. Your teachers will tell you that there is an underlying theme concerning the continuous struggle between tyranny and freedom, but no, it's really just about rabbits.
What book are you reading?
Watership Down.
Oh yeah, I read that. The moral of the story is that rabbits like carrots.
by OmicronPersei8 February 11, 2009
The other two fuckers who wrote a def. Don’t know what they’re talking about. Watership Down is a 1972 novel by Richard Adams about rabbits moving to a new home after their old one (and everyone in it) is brutally destroyed. It’s objectively the best thing ever made.
Bill: What’re you reading?
Jimbo: Watership Down, aka the Bible 2 you fat lard.
by kilometers-davis November 15, 2022