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when you nut in your homie and forget to say no homo
*nuts in homie*
You: Fuck yeah i cum all over u
Homie: You forgot to say no homo!
You and Homie: Zoo Wee Mama
by Bo Williams September 09, 2018
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A catchphrase started in "A diary of a wimpy kid" also known as "the bible" is used to show something zany or wacky has just occured
Bill- "my nan just died of banana peel Isis"

Dave- "Zoo Wee Mama
by Riptide TD May 30, 2018
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The only word in the bible that means anything. Said by Rowley Jefferson in ZooWee 12:9. He blesses god and jesus by saying "Zooweemama i like your beard" to god.
"And now I shall bless you with the one and only ZooWeeMama!" Rowley says.
"Wow he thicc" God responds
by FranelloDefiner December 10, 2018
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when you step in a puddle and then realie that it is an acid pudle
"Oh nop i steped in a puddle"

"At lest its not an acid puddle "

"Ay Ay Ay it IS an acid puddle"

by Tom Pizzle March 20, 2018
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Started on the popular children's book series, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", following Greg as the protagonist, and his best friend, Rowley, who made the word to be a catchphrase, spawning a genre of memes about it.
person 1: Cant this balloon go any faster?
person 2: whatever you want kid.
(fly's into space)
person 1: ZOO WEE MAMA!!!
by The memerftw January 18, 2017
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an expression used to express surprise or excitement.
Shane: "we're throwing Rosalie a surprise party"
Rhudy: "is it gonna be so surprising that she'll scream ZOO WEE MAMA!"?
Shane: "I hate you Rhudy."
by rowzalie January 18, 2009
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