when someone is so close to you you can feel their eyelashes batting on your cheek, usually in a romantic way
"bro sex is great and all but have you ever had your girl give you a butterfly kiss"
by thirdth August 23, 2020
When you rapidly blink your eye next to someone's cheek (or any place else) which makes your eyelash brush up and down against their skin.
She gave him a butterfly kiss every night before bed.

From the song "Butterfly Kisses"
by LisahOH December 13, 2003
a caress made by winking an eye so the lashes brush one's partner
by Light Joker June 19, 2005
using both hands to stretch the scrotum outwards and upwards so forming a butterfly wings shape - then licking the taut skin with ones tongue tip
colin is so lucky, not only does his wife give him a butterfly kiss whilst he's watching tv, but he can reach down and give himself one!!!
by theWestHamfan November 15, 2003
Fluttering one's eyelashes on someone's skin so they just feel the tickling sensation.
Trisha leaned in and gave me butterfly kisses on my cheek.
by Sedruce November 9, 2005
Plural of Butterfly Kiss.
A Butterfly Kiss is administered thusly:
1. Get your eyelashes up against some else's bare skin, so close that when you blink, your eyelashes caress the other person's skin.
2. Open and close your eyes rapidly. Each time your eyelashes brush the other person's skin, it is one Butterfly Kiss.
1. I hate winter up north because it's too cold to give butterfly kisses unless you're inside.
2. If you will let me undress you I will give you Butterfly Kisses over every inch of your body.
by reverb November 10, 2005
A butterfly-kiss is the rapid fluttering of one's eyelashes anywhere that tickles on another person's skin.
Matt, my cadet roomie, gives me a butterfly-kiss on my nuts to make me cum when he jacks me off!
by USAF Cadet November 5, 2020