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When you rapidly blink your eye next to someone's cheek (or any place else) which makes your eyelash brush up and down against their skin.
She gave him a butterfly kiss every night before bed.

From the song "Butterfly Kisses"
by LisahOH December 13, 2003
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Fluttering one's eyelashes on someone's skin so they just feel the tickling sensation.
Trisha leaned in and gave me butterfly kisses on my cheek.
by Sedruce November 09, 2005
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a caress made by winking an eye so the lashes brush one's partner
She gave me butterfly kisses back at the hotel.
by Light Joker June 18, 2005
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Plural of Butterfly Kiss.
A Butterfly Kiss is administered thusly:
1. Get your eyelashes up against some else's bare skin, so close that when you blink, your eyelashes caress the other person's skin.
2. Open and close your eyes rapidly. Each time your eyelashes brush the other person's skin, it is one Butterfly Kiss.
1. I hate winter up north because it's too cold to give butterfly kisses unless you're inside.
2. If you will let me undress you I will give you Butterfly Kisses over every inch of your body.
by reverb November 09, 2005
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Also known as The International Female Girllovers Collective (IFGLC). A screwed up organization of lesbian pedophiles and ephebophiles who are trying to make it legal for women to carpetmunch underage girls. Basically the wacky feminist version of NAMBLA. The playwright Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologues fame is romoured to be a supporter of the group.
Their once very active website mysteriously vanished a couple years ago. It was pretty much a guide on how to groom young girls and force them into a lesbian lifestyle. It also had disgusting poetry and a lot of really unsettling personal stories. Let's hope the Butterfly Kisses site stays gone forever.
by Sycorax92 June 10, 2009
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The female version of NAMBLA. Don't let the innocent-sounding name fool you, they advance basically the same agenda as NAMBLA: Equal rights for pedophiles. Although, statistically speaking, female pedophiles are something of a rarity, so Butterfly Kisses probably isn't as big a threat to common sense as NAMBLA is. Still, most logical people will abhor pedophilia, and as such they will look down on any organization that promotes such behavior.

Some would say that EVERYONE deserves equal rights, even pedophiles, but I don't think that's a very rational point of view. The great majority of small children don't understand sex in the slightest, so they can't really consent to it. Besides, having sex (or attempting it) with someone at age 6 or so can lead to SEVERE psychological complications further down the road.
Person A: "Say, what's Butterfly Kisses? Sounds like a touchy-feely New Age thing."

Person B: "They're female pedophiles seeking equal rights, despite the fact that it contradicts the law and society's moral standards."

Person A: "They're humans too, they deserve the same rights as everyone else."

Person B: "They DO enjoy those rights, but fucking kids isn't one of them. That's deplorable. The child would undoubtedly be hurt and confused afterwards. Hell, a good number of serial killers were raped or had sexual advances made on them as kids and cited it as a mitigating factor in their killings."
by Mephianse February 19, 2006
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Placing one's puckered butthole against someone else's face. First, spread your butt cheeks so as to fully expose the butthole. Next, slowly place the butthole up against someone's face. Finally, let go of the butt cheeks, so that they slap the person's face and flutter like a butterfly's wings.
Danny gave Alfredo several butterfly kisses while he was sleeping last night.
by Dumpy Del Negro September 01, 2013
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