town north of Boston where you're either a rich snob or a redneck towny. Known for having a Market Basket and McDonalds
"I'm from Rowley"
"North Carolina?"
"No, Massachusetts"
"oh... where's that?"
by Adam Who July 1, 2009
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A really handsome man who loves to travel, passionate about teaching chemistry and physics and is the best teacher in the world. Every time you see him smile it makes you smile too.
You and your friends: Oh my lord, is that Mr Rowley? He is so handsome and joyful!
Mr Rowley: Hello Kids
You and your friends: Oh my god he said hello to us!
by TingnoiBad44 November 5, 2019
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A person of German descent who loves to party, listen to music - particularly the Counting Crows - while maintaing a job at Applebees and/or MTV, and a very good GPA at a private University.
Look at you pulling a Rowley - you drunk ass Einstein.
by Steven Walsh March 17, 2007
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A form of lower class citizens based in cities and rural areas. Usually large families, many kids, always messy/dirty as sin, can sometimes even rummage through slips for old clothes.
A terrible insult to people, often referring to an individual as a 'Rowley' or 'Rowley rat'.
Boy; Hey wasn't that my jumper? Pretty sure I threw it in the skip.

Girl; Nah man I just found it, its well warm and everything.

Boy; But I can see where I wrote my name on it on the tag...

Teacher; You dirty little Rowley.
by SmugsyQuinn September 7, 2015
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Kid: "Hi Rowley!"
Rowley: "ZOO-WEE MAMA!"
by Geoplanes May 20, 2021
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A Jackass , An Arrogant & Ignorant Person, A Misogynist
Stop Acting like a Rowley
by Horace Chestnutt September 23, 2018
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A Ginger male teen, generally around 15, who normally hobbles round and then squeak's when he talks.
How annoying was "Rowley" today.

Very his squeaky voice really pissed me off!
by Cadet Strachen July 25, 2018
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