The person who runs a zoo house. This person is responsible for supplying the animals of the zoo house. The zoo keeper, will usually sell crack cocaine, and provide a place to smoke it.
They call me the zoo keeper. All the animals, predators, and prowlers; what ever you call em; I tame em. What ever you do in your life; don't fool around with crack, cause you will see the zoo keeper.
by Pental February 5, 2008
someone who puts up with your shit...
zoo keeper... self explanitory
by Mark C. McKenna September 17, 2010
someone that only seems to fuck fat ugly chicks
joe: dude did you see the chick brendan brought home last night?
kevin: yeah shit was disgusting dude, your boys a regular zoo keeper
by jimmy football2002 May 18, 2010
the act of gathering various pets or animals and placing them in your bed while you bang your girlfriend -> may result in various scratches all over your body
charicter one: - i pulled a zoo keeper last night
friend: - really? how was it?
charicter 1: - it was going well untill my girlfriend found out it was the dog licking her and not me
by dan and eric September 26, 2006
1.A man that macks on dat monkey
2.A man that chirps at dem bitches
Duuuuuuuuu, fam, you such a zoo keeper, when you funna throw dat monkey a banana?!
by Sammy 4ster February 1, 2007
When a white person lives in a black neighborhood. Usually he/she is the only white person on the block.
Damn when that zoo keeper gonna leave already? Don't he know he's the only white person in this hood?
by miggelzworth October 25, 2010
1. A person who owns black slaves.
Yo man, did you hear that James Madison was a Zoo Keeper?
by Cracka ass hater March 31, 2010