6 definitions by Mark C. McKenna

someone who puts up with your shit...
zoo keeper... self explanitory
by Mark C. McKenna September 17, 2010
the fleshy patch of skin that covers your adams apple. Guys only...
Shit, mikes got a nice throatum...
by Mark C. McKenna September 5, 2010
1.)When you celebrate a win by dousing the coach in gatorade before the game is over, and you end up losing.

2.)When you celebrate a touchdown and spike the ball before you make it to the endzone, and look like a retard when it is called back. (DaSean Jackson, T.J. Jones).
Dude, look at the premature joculation on the sideline, the game is not over.
by Mark C. McKenna September 12, 2010
to jack off and then immediatley afterwards go to sleep..
dood, im so tired, im thinking semen 'n' dreamin' tonight..
by Mark C. McKenna September 15, 2010
someone who goes out with his/her friends and doesn't "have fun" the way the rest of them do. The say that "their parents will kill them", or "their future is too important to mess up on one night". A.K.A. a pussy
You think that your too school for cool. But I got a newsflash for you... your not.
by Mark C. McKenna October 24, 2010