An expression used by interweb-geeky people, the more interesting version of OMG.
ZOMG, there's an effing LLAMA in your anus.
by Qween ArseLot November 21, 2007
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Started randomly by me on a forum after wanting to have a signature phrase.

Only later did I realize it wasn't unique.

Now it's starting to actually being said aloud, pronounced "Zoh-My-Gosh".

Most people presume it's "God", but it diffrentiates ZOMG a bit more from OMG.
Paul: Zoh My Gosh! That girl's hot!

Zach: You're a nerd, you just said 'ZOMG!' out loud. You'll never get her.

Paul: Yeah...better go back to online dating.
by Katsuro January 14, 2006
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zomg means the same as omg but with a sarcastic twist. obviously sarcastic doesn't start with z but Jacob and Logan like to think it does.
by Ghetto Sheep March 08, 2005
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Zomg stands for 'Zurk formation oh my god'. The zurk formation is a unit formation in a pc stratagie game. this kind of slang was quikly adopted by other players of various games, and so it started to spread.
A player who sees a unit of zurks in zurk formation nearing will say Zomg!
by Mallusid June 06, 2007
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