ZOMG is another form of OMG!! which stands for Oh My God.
Idiotic teenage girls often use this term over Instant messaging because the find it painful to type the whole words, which is more proof that each generation is getting dumber.
: Lol zomg isnt he like, so cute.
zomg wtf!!
by PivotElite March 5, 2008
ZOMG,the zombies are after me!!!
by meoff119 March 4, 2009
while playing COD nazi zombies the abbreviation zomg is one of frequent importance
by Benny G man July 26, 2009
Refering to OMG, Oh my god. Added a Z for no particular reason.
ZOMG you rock!1onene
by Konrow September 19, 2005
Sometimes pronunced Z-OMG or ZOohhMyGawd/Gosh, ZOMG is an exclaimation mostly used on Thet Internet, though if you are nerdy enough, you may say it in real life.
xXBeccyXx: lol u guyz, I just got a new charrie ideer!

Adorkable12: ZOMG?!Really?
by Annabelle Menzie January 1, 2008
An expression used by interweb-geeky people, the more interesting version of OMG.
ZOMG, there's an effing LLAMA in your anus.
by Qween ArseLot November 21, 2007
Warning usually shouted when zombies approach


by killydood January 22, 2009