Acronym stands for Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantua's. The strongest bloon in Bloon Tower Defense related games after 2014.
"player 1 : "I am sanding a ZOMG
"player 2 : "shit I dead
by Anon the mighty May 8, 2018
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1. A M.O.A.B-class (Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness) bloon introduced in Bloons TD 5 that became the parent of the B.F.B (Big Flying Behemoth) and later the son of the B.A.D (Big Airship of Doom).
2. A way of saying „OMG“. The Z was added to it when others tried to press SHIFT but instead pressed Z. Often used for sarcastic applauding.
1. Did you saw that ZOMG go past my Tempel of the Monkey God?
2. zOMG YOU SKILL GOOD1!!!!!!1!!1
by Ze_eT August 31, 2018
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The second hardest bloon to pop in all of the bloons td games
oh no, theres a zomg on the track I should a strong tower right now
by WizardFaun November 26, 2021
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