Another word for semen, because of its abundance of zinc.
Robert: "I'm about to release my zinc!"
Jing: "Oh yeah baby, give me those minerals."
by lol yah May 13, 2016
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what happens when you can't zwim.
In chemistry, it'z either zinc or zwim
by MrWizard August 9, 2005
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a three-front-man band, when their talent is combined, you get some awesome music, vocals, harmonies and amazing lyrics. also involved being incredibly sweet, funny and adorable
Mark, jono and Adam make up ZINC
by Zinc fan June 5, 2005
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Someone or something that is hot/ace but often overlooked.
Fusto: "That Chloe is properly Zinc, I've not really noticed her before."

Mario: "I've now realised those green shells are actually a godsend! What a zinc byproduct of killing turtles!
by Eggers07 November 27, 2007
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The dirty dishes are in the zinc.
by fotaq April 21, 2006
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