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When a situation is tense and unexpectantly something or someone arrives that completely eases the situation. In other words, a life-saver.
If Kate can make it tonight to help out at the banquet, she would be a godsend!
by Jonathan LPY September 9, 2005
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a secular term describing someone or something exceptionally good
This sephora blush is a godsend, you should try it;
Thanks so much, you're a godsend!;
by Brittany and Haley October 25, 2005
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known as mason, he is really really good at football(soccer) - people are lucky to play with or against him
mason is a godsend
i want to be like mason when im older.
by god aka jesus September 6, 2018
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A Godsend is a girl named Gemma. She is perfect and she is a godsend.
*Please don't reject this, its for her birthday
"I love Gemma so much, she is a godsend"
by gemsicles May 5, 2019
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A shit where you wipe your ass and nothing is there
"Hey dude you barely used the toilet paper", "Don't worry it was a godsend shit"
by tehxnite January 31, 2017
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