blup blup dunt woch zeny, if you zeny, doss, if you chat about zeny, doss, if you laugh at zeny, doss, if you wna merk zeny, doss, nefink else, doss!
piece of advice: doss
man see's zeny: *gets on floor* here zeny have my shoes, chain, watch etc. etc.
woman see's zeny:'wuz ur name baby?' BEN DOVER!
by zeny donnfingg blup blup March 29, 2005
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The money unit (appereantly, through the Budokai video games) found in the anime of Dragon Ball,Z, and GT.
"Here is Your prize money!!"=50,000 Zenie
by Matt V. November 27, 2004
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Same as kneenis.
The fleshy part of skin on the outside of your knee, similar to the wenis.
Guy to girl: Hey Rose, you wanna feel my zenis?
Girl to guy: Hey, do you like my zenis? Wanna touch it?
by verk August 21, 2006
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Zipper penis = zenis. The bulge on one's jeans, usually girls', caused by a lumpy zipper.
Ugh! These new jeans make me have an intense zenis.
by Tien N. February 28, 2008
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(n) a female version of a
My friend is a zenis.
by Alexa December 26, 2003
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