Zeky is God. A perfect guy without defects.
In the name of Zeky, AMEN!
by Randomguy1 June 4, 2014
A loving kind and gentle person who loves to protect others usually has natural black or brown hair brown eyes and a loving heart with his bubbly personality he always gets a lot of friends everybody loves him. he's a gamer and he is an amazing friend and I don't think anybody would anything more ^ω^
Girl: oh Zeki your so cool
Zeki: I know
by Sleepy panda123 January 25, 2017
A really cool guy beyond all measure... ever, like cooler then you're currently trying to imagine, yeah that cool.
Zeki is so Zeki
by Totallynotzeki January 24, 2013
loves to help people, sweetest guy on earth. very smart, nice and sexy. irrisistable, best friend you could ever get. honest, loyal trustworthy. loves to help people out for the attention. Zeljko loves everyone and everything, if he doesn't love you, you're an asshole. FUNNEST person with the BEST sense of humor. Makes you pee your pants.
Zeki peki
by Jshsvsgsgsvaba November 21, 2021
Main Currency of Zekistan
Name of the holy Lord Zeki the Duck himself. Lord Zeki the Duck created the wonderful nation of Zekistan and spread happiness. Some Zekistanis pray to Lord Zeki.
All hail, Lord Zeki the Duck! How much zeki for the buttered toast? A Playstation 4 cost 200 zeki on black friday.
by Proud Zekistani February 3, 2020
Zeki is a young boy, around the age of 11 and is someone who is occasionally cheeky but loves Fortnite. He has a bad sense of humour but just wants to fit in. He likes to pick up girls but is socially awkward when interacting with them. He likes to play sports especially football and tennis both in which he plays to a good standard. He has friends but some of them are very dorky.
Girl: Do you still like me???
Zeki: Yes.
Girl: Are you sure???
Zeki: Gtg, bye.
by madlover234 May 20, 2018