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An upcoming gaming console to be released this "Holiday Season" and will cost ONLY 399$ but will require a Playstation Plus membership to play online (50$ a year). Will be able to share games still, because the Xbox one won't. Basically the gaming console that will run Microsoft out of business because of their failed attempt to create a next gen console (Xbox one) at cost a whopping 500$ and is the size of the VCR you have in your attic or close, and won't be able to share games.
Sony: WE WILL LAUNCH PS4! And only for 399$!
Xbox one buyer: does it come with lube and ointment?
Sony: what for?
Xbox one buyer: so I can relieve the pain from Microsoft fucking me in the ass..
Sony: Playstation 4 will have that too!
by redbullmaniac June 21, 2013
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The end of the Xbox vs Playstation war. Gives gamers what they want, games. No fee for used games, cheaper than the Xbox Wan, able to play games offline, and no mandatory camera.
The Playstation 4 pretty much dick-slapped Micro$oft across the face.
by That Brony Gamer Guy June 12, 2013
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The Single Greatest Invention ever, besides the Playstation 5
Dude 1: Hey Man I just got a Playstation 3

Dude 2: Man That thing is so Atari I got a Playstation 4

Dude 3: Y'all Both Suck i got a PS5

Dude 2: Man that ain't out yet
by titanfan16 March 07, 2010
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A system due to be released in 2010 or 2011.
Bound to cost over 9000 dollars upon release.

Said to include the following:

Over 9000 GB.
Satellite T.V.
Hologram movie format
Classic DVD/Blue-Ray/HD-DVD formats
Phone service
DVR capabilities
Virtual Console
Music receiver
Mini refridgerator
Nuclear Powered
Home security system
...more to be specified.

The bundle pak is said to contain a new Tennis game and a war game. Most likely Call of Duty 5 or 6.
Oh, yeah. Can't wait to record Golden Girls with my ballin'-ass Playstation 4!
by Wasabimoto June 14, 2008
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Urban myth that sony will come out wiht after the relase of the 3 xbox.

Won'y be any diffrent then the new one, excpt it will be shorter and the controler will be even more complex.
You going to get the new xbox?

NO I'm waiting for ps4

by stopthemadness May 29, 2005
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A videogame console based on Power6 (Power PC) architecture with 4 PPEs and 32 SPEs and a D12U GPU with 512 MB GDDR5 RAM and 386-512 MB XDR and quad layer Hitachi firmware Blurays. Runs a newer version of Puppy linux as firmware. PS4 uses Dual Shock 4. The dual shock 4 has 128 MB flash memory to store from anything from game saves to music files and Sony got this from the N64 and Dreamcast controllers. The Dual Shock 4s can upload from PS3s as well. It comes with memory card socket converters so one can simply plug the dual shock 4 into it and transfer game saves from PS1 and PS2 to PS3 or PS4.

Sony will finally expose the PS2 ELF format and emulate modchip so gamers can play pirated games (Discs) or emulators without modification, because they can't make money off PS2 games anyhow. It will only make PS4 more favorable. Sony just won't admit this to anyone. This will be a thorn in Nintendo's side, but that will justify the cost and all the cruel and unusual treatment. PS4 will come with MAME and all you have to do is add Roms to a special folder and type a special path in the Mozilla web browser like "run MAME" and then MAME is executed from Puppy Linux and the game list appears.

And that's not all, the Puppy Linux can now execute portable Linux applications from the hard drive.

Something special to PS4 is if your system gets bricked which is a bad thing, you can press a 'reset button' to go to a emergency firmware that'll install firmware without the primary firmware functional as a fail safe! This is true for routers.

The top selling game is going to be first Grand Theft Auto and then Gran Turismo 7
Gamer 1: I'm playing Legend of Zelda on Ocarina of Time on Playstation 4!
Gamer 2: Sweet.
Gamer 1: Yeah, runs great and I downloaded some other N64 games I have never played like Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Calibur. It was a sequel to The March of the Black Queen.
Gamer 2: I remember that game!
by HELLADS September 20, 2008
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