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All the actors were not that good this is who should have played in that movie.
Darth Vader-Snoop Dogg
Luke Skywalker-Arnold Swatzernegger
c3po-Andy Dick
Boba Fett: Jean Claud-vann damm (He instead of fighting luke skywalker steals jabbas crack stash)
Princess Leia: Jenna Jameson
Han Solo: Vin diesal
Lando: DMX
by Fusion September 22, 2003
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A group of 1/2 gamer dudes that make fun of preps and eat cookie dough in Life managment. Also badasses on games.
by Fusion October 2, 2003
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The act of transferring your 40gb porn collection to removable media in event of hard drive failure
Shit, I haven't made a backup for a month!
by Fusion October 5, 2003
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A high school is a porthole to hell where everyone goes insane ranging causes such as:
Keeping track of who the slutty girls in your school are going out with.
Trying to be cool.
Trying to find wtf crowd you belong in.
#1 Trying to keep sane.
There are also an ass load of crowds, as described above.
by Fusion September 19, 2003
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to go to a shoobs is to go to a party
there's a shoobs tonight, are you going?
by Fusion October 15, 2003
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Derived from 'w00t' but pronounced 'wah-hoot'

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Person 1: Hey negor, you seen the new videos for Battlefield 2?
Person 2: Yeah, looks wahoot

Person 1: Hey foo, DC .8 came out today
Person 2: wahoot!
by Fusion May 21, 2004
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