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adj. Used to describe the ABSOLUTE best kind of female. They are the all-rounders who don't really know how great they are. Chances are, they don't appreciate themselves much. Very rare to find, Zahra comprises of women or girls who are simple minded, very down to earth, innocent, high family values, morals and ethics, extremely caring about not only the people they know but also someone they just met, as long as the person is nice to her. They follow the saying "be yourself" by heart no matter what people say. Zahra girls can be very emotional and sweet and are the perfect kind of girls anyone would be lucky to have. As they grow older, they might hide their emotions from people to try acting like a grown up and be strong, but inside they'll always be that same person since childhood. They are also very hard working and smart. Zahras aren't superhuman but when they put their mind to anything, they get the job done. Last but not the least, Zahras aren't just about the angelic personality, but they're also incredibly beautiful naturally and they'll prove that everyday as soon as they wake up from bed, without any sort of makeup. Regardless of her conservative nature, if she trusts her companion enough, she'll always make sure he is intimately satisfied as well.
I'll be lucky if I get to marry a Zahra.
by smeffy May 25, 2012
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An incredibly sexy girl. Usually short. She looks exotic and her eyes eyes scream love. Guys talk about how beautiful she is im secrey. If i had the courage i would ask her out
Hey did you see Zahra today? Shes so cute
by Treyaway January 15, 2018
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Her name is the definition of Love. If A=1, B=2, C=3, then Z+A+H+R+A or 26+1+H+18+1 = 54.

You with me so far?
L+O+V+E or 12+15+22+5= 54.
Familiar huh.
If you find a Zahra, never let her go. She is extremely forgiving. She can sometimes be gullible. When she is sad she tends to stare off into places. She tends to avoid eye-contact with the boy or man she likes out of shyness. She will think about them all day but will never make the first move. She is attracted to men that are hard to get. She is beautiful, everyone knows she is beautiful, except for her. She will do anything to make someone happy. She will sexually satisfy you beyond your limits. If she goes quiet near the man she likes she will become tongue-tied. After she is more than 5 meters away she will laugh or say something to her friend and moan. When she walks people say in hushed tones she's pretty, or she's fit. They usually have uglier siblings. She may or may not be the most popular person but Zahras get along with everybody. She acts like a person off a TV programme, with many casual facial expressions and witty talk, by nature. This is one of her charms. She usually has one outstanding facial feature. She will believe anything is possible once she sets her mind to it. If someone she loved had been taking advantage of her loyalness and treated her worse than they should she would always forgive quite quickly.
However, if this pattern continued for several years then a Zahra will become tired and blank this person, but would never speak a bad word even if they bitched about her.She is hilarious, and witty. She has hilarious conversations in her head. She can be ingenious. But she can seem slow. She has wonderful hair and beautiful yet unusual features, e.g. eyes/ nose. She is a fast reader.She tends to wait around hoping her crush will just magically talk to her. If a Zahra glances at both your eyes for 1-2 seconds then look down when you are close she likes you. She doesn't really look at people. She pretends not to hear peoples compliments. She will hear at least six nice things whispered about her appearance a day. She will think they are mad. A few dislike Zahra out of jealousy or because of being answered back. She can be extremely argumentative and frightening but rarely shows this side. She is very sweet, very innocent, but tends to swear a lot. Usually straight. She can be bitchy if she is being falsley bitched about but she won't make things up.
by keeley hanks September 22, 2011
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Zahra's tend to be the flirtatious type, and will know what she wants. If she wants something, she will do ANYTHING to get it. She has dreams, hopes, and fantasy's, and will often believe that anything is possible. Zahra's are very sweet, kind hearted, and know how to have fun. She is someone that you can tell anything to, and will open her heart to anyone as long as you do the same. Although, if you mess around with her to much, and hurt her, she will most likley build a wall between you and her, and she can be bitchy and dry. DO NOT be bitchy to a Zahra, for she will be bitchy, yet even worse. If you fall in love with a Zahra you are a very lucky person, because once she can trust you with her heart, and you give her yours, she will create a paradise, and put lots of work into making you happy. Not only will she make your heart melt, but Zahra's tend to be very sexual, and can pleasure you in many ways. Zahra's are overall fun-loving, sexy, seductive, smart, optomistic, hopeful, and over all beautiful. If you get a Zahra, never let go of her, because you will never find somone like her.
She is such an amazing girl, she must be a Zahra.
by awsomnes April 27, 2011
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Zahra is most beautiful girl in the world. She sings like an angel. While she's is singing, stars fall out from the sky and sun will shy.

Zahra has big eyes as much as her heart and you can watch her kindness from deep side of her eyes.
You have to know het to get these words.
I love Zahra.
Zahra is a singer.
by Setare khanoom August 17, 2018
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Its a persian name.Zahra is the name of a curly hair girl and a happy face.
Zahra's laughter is very attractive and has a wide black eyes. She is an angel who everyone likes to have in her life. Of course, having Zahra is a chance that does not come about for anyone.
Hey man I like to have a relationship with someone like Zahra, but I do not think I deserve it
by Tarantin August 18, 2018
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