An incredibly sexy girl. Usually short. She looks exotic and her eyes eyes scream love. Guys talk about how beautiful she is im secrey. If i had the courage i would ask her out
Hey did you see Zahra today? Shes so cute
by Treyaway January 15, 2018
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A person on tumblr trolling many many people with jokes about Moldovan hats.
Fuck! Someone asked me to wear a stupid hat! - Must have been Zahra.
by potatobro July 16, 2011
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n. Someone who is heavily addicted to caffeine and consumes only a few other non-caffeine items
Do you see that girl there? All she's done today is drink coffee and diet coke!

I know. she is such a Zahra
by chinkurocksursocks January 22, 2011
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An annoyingly short and moist human
She is very Zahra
by Muj Patel March 21, 2017
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