A hipster with a professional job who seeks to climb the corporate ladder but remains true to indie musical tastes, lives in a hipster neighborhood, and likely has a hipster hairstyle.
Financial analyst Chad, a known yupster, couldn't wait to wear his new Brooks Brothers sportcoat with his vintage "Jake the Snake" t-shirt to the Unicorns show at the Empty Bottle on Friday.
by Nathan Stange March 15, 2004
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For the budding yupster, a job at Yankelovich means plane tickets to Coachella and no more worries about getting that root canal.
by hungcoat August 12, 2006
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A professional working hipster. Yupsters are generally in their middle 30's to very early 40's. At the leading edge of Generation X, yupsters came of age during the first wave of indie rock and hip hop. Informed by their teenage-twentysomething, DIY, cheap and chic style, yupsters have incorported their edgier pasts into a new form of an extended youth culture of hip clothes, avante rock, indie hop and creative class professions. Yupsters have successfully opened sleek boutique hotels, cool bodegas, retro diner style restaurants, vintage clothing stores, kitschy bric-a-brac retail spaces, tongue-in-cheek bars and lounges, haute hair salons, trendy record stores and labels, hip coffee bars and bakeries, plush pet shops and ironic graphic and design firms. Other yupsters are employed by corporations that are drawn to the creative talents of a casually styled, slightly aged, still youngish, urban workforce. Yupsters live everywhere, but in the United States, they tend to gravitate to the cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Yupsters who have children fashion them to look stylish and trendy (e.g., skater, mod, late 1970's). Yupsters who have pets adorn them with trendy collars and accesories (e.g., modernist collars and couture pet bags). Yupsters who drive, own vehicles that range from the modern and savvy Volkswagen Passat, Mini Cooper or Vespa to the well kept, vintage Volvo or Vespa. Yupsters define their style by combining the high and low of the vintage and modern. A yupster would deny being a yupster for fear of questioning originality, admitting to ridiculous hair and aging into middle age.
I realized I was a yupster when my friends and I opened up a hip bodega in an old storefront. We sell PBR alongside Veuve Clicquot, imported cigarettes, organic produce, free range meat and snacks from Mexico, Germany and Japan. We hired a DJ to play nostalgia music from the 1950's on Wednesday afternoons and another to play no wave and hip hop on Friday evenings. Our delicatessen is open late and features macaroni and chesse, Indonesian street food, Southern-fried chicken and burritos. Our bodega has a Myspace.com account.
by Normanapolis July 7, 2006
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When your jeans cost more than your iPod and your coffee cost more than your t-shirt, you're a yupster.
(yuppie + hipster)
That yupster just dropped a 3 Gs on a new powerbook, but refuses to pay more than $2 for a can of beer. PBR or nothing. wtf?!
by dpm909 April 18, 2006
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For the budding yupster, a job at Yankelovich means plane tickets to Coachella and no more worries about getting that root canal.
by hungcoat August 16, 2006
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The sons and daughters of the past generation of hippies. Similar to, if not synonimous with, Yuppie.

They tend to go to Starbucks and take advantage of the Wi-fi available there. Will also go to Panera Bread Company if craving bread. (Wi-fi also available at Panera.)

Short for Young Urban Professional, they tend to stray away from their parent's traditions and accept a more ecclectic lifestyle paying outrageous amounts of money for coffee, clothes, and other things.
Robbie the yupster had to check his email to see if his order for his custom Marc Ecko shirt had gone through, so he decided to go to Starbucks to grab some coffee as well.
by Teh Rav3n May 26, 2006
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Hipster that has grown up, settled down and gotten a job unrelated to photography or blogging.
Why is that old guy wearing that hat and scarf, it's 90 degrees out? Oh he's a yupster.
by Jasmin311 June 6, 2015
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