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A place where white girls go to order Caesar salads, broccoli cheddar bread bowls, macaroni and cheese, and strawberry smoothies.
A group of white girls decide its the perfect day to annoy Panera Bread as they request long and similar orders.
by Wasabi_Peas April 06, 2015
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A cozy cafe type resturaunt across from the Hilcrest shopping centre in Richmondhill that makes any excuse to give you some of their signiture bread with your meal.
son: what did you order mom?

mom: i ordered the ham and swiss sandwich with a side salad but instead of the salad they gave me bread.

waiter: here's your check ma'am

waiter says nervously and slips a loaf of bread under check

mom: what's this?

waiter: nothing!

waiter runs away

son: well, that's what you get when you come to Panera bread.
by betting--on--alice March 19, 2009
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Hell on earth. The worst place to work because the managers are too young to care about your social life since they already lost out on theirs.

And there is a minimum of 4 things out of stock every dinner rush because the lunch workers don't give two shits about the closing staff so they fling bread around willy nilly and leave everything a mess for others to deal with.
"Hey do you work at Panera Bread? Damn, man. Sorry for you loss of a social life."
by Margarinelove11 March 15, 2013
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A sandwich chain that USED to be good, until they started the "clean food" revolution. This meant that old favorites such as Italian Combo, Sierra Turkey, and Chicken Cobb Salad were off the menu in favor of lower calorie versions that taste like crap. Has delicious bakery items like Cinnamon Crunch Bagels and Chocolate Chipper Cookies, but their Soups often comes out cold and Salad greens are often brown and wilted. Typical costumers are hipsters and yuppies in white suits.
I can't believe I paid $13.78 for a half Caesar Salad and half Turkey Sandwich that only had three pieces of turkey and lukewarm Salad Dressing at Panera Bread.
by partyrockstar222 March 11, 2017
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