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The child of a yuppie mother whose main interest is in showcasing her ability to give birth at around 40 to a world that largely does not care, since it, too, is sipping Starbucks while pushing the carriage with the tot ensconsed and multi-tasking on a cell phone or other electronic device. Father is optional, should he exist.
"Oh, look! There goes Jennifer with her dog, her cell phone, her coffee, and her ergonomic baby carriage--oh, yeah, and that darling perfect infant Taylor, her Yuppie Puppy! So glad she's our real estate agent! And our wine-n-cheese friend! Honey, did you see the escrow papers? Something's weird..."
by Havokian May 04, 2006
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The more sinsister offspring of the legendary yuppie of 1980s Britain.

Their primary directive at birth is to leave the leafy surburbs of decently sized urban areas where they reside with there retiring and massively wealthy parents and moved inwards to gentrify all they lay before them. Notting Hill and the Docklands of London a perfect example.

Now with regular accents as opposed to the Home Counties twang of the generation that came before them.
"i live in a upwardly mobile urban area - I'm a yuppie puppy!"
by britishandworried February 04, 2005
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At the height of the 80's "greed is good" era, Golden Retrievers were the pet of choice for many Yuppies, Sloane Rangers, and anyone else who drove a Range Rover. As a Kennel Club Registered breed, the middle class were the lowest group most likely to be able to afford to own one with a pedigree. And as such a Golden Retriever would be referred to as a Yuppie Puppy.
by pTeronaut October 10, 2012
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