Indonesian for 'the fuck', 'dafuq', 'dafuh'
the tot what kind of sorcery is this?
by krupuk February 14, 2012
A small child usually under 3 years old
I went to toys 'r' us to buy toys for the tots.
by chefrick45419 September 19, 2005

An abbreviation for the word totally
That car is tots cool!
by Graham Cooper February 13, 2008
is not a word but an emoticon ToT the horizontal line of the T is the eye and the vertical a tear falling from it, the O is an open mouth ToT!!!
is like animeish stuff, u know, they wanna add feeling to a sentence

"I finally got a new job ToT"
by SkAnDa October 18, 2003
A word that is short for totally
I will tots go and do that!
by Graham Cooper February 13, 2008