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1)Area in which the nazis contained the jews prior to being taken to concentration camps (this definition is rarely used in daily discussion)
2)Poor area of town with public housing, a high minority population, and even higher crime rates
3)Relating to black culture
4)ajective or adverb relating to cheapness
1) Hitler created ghettos in WWII Germany.
2)South Central LA is a classic ghetto.
3)Marcus's South Pole jeans that sag down past his knees are very ghetto when paired with a doorag.
4) noun: My friend's old car being held together by duct tape is deeply ghetto.
4) verb: My tendecny to eat every free sample in Sam's Club is really quite ghetto of me.
by lacoste_lover October 14, 2005

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A low class black person. This is not the same thing as an African American, as the politically correct term should only apply to those of color who are deserving of respect. An African American is nice, does not recieve governent assistance, and does not live a life of crime. Jungle bunnies, on the other hand, live off of foodstamps and the meager wages they receive from stealing cheap electronics.
Bill Cosby is an African American. The guy you see out your window breaking into your car so he can steal your cell phone and CD player, on the other hand, is a jungle bunny, as is his girlfriend that's selling crack.
by lacoste_lover November 08, 2005

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The kind of place where disgruntled teens go on killing sprees with hopes that prison will at least be more interesting. Every house is nice, moderately priced, and identical every other house in it's subdivision. Appopriately enough, the average suburban household owns a Suburban (so that the soccer team can be carpooled back to their tract housing without having to remove the Abercrombie bags from the cargo area).
I live in such suburbia that if it werent for the flowers our landscaper planted, I probably wouldnt be able to tell which house I lived in and which belonged to the neighbors.
by lacoste_lover October 11, 2005

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The type of frustration and anger solely found amongst the relatively priveledged. This rage generally has no outside culprit, but rather results from the fact that all people are angry, regardless of if they have an apparent reason to be. To others, it may appear that the rich kid is a whiny, spoiled little fuck, which, while somewhat true, overlooks the fact that rage is an inescapable emotion only loosely related to environment.
I think my parents are horribly uncaring and clearly do not understand me at all as if they did, they would have bought me a Volvo instead of a tacky Mustang. Even more uncaring is my friend who purposely calls when I'm in the shower so that he may avoid having to actually talk to me. Making my life even worse is the fact that I only have 12 Lacoste shirts and that my white North Face jacket turned pink in the wash. In other words, I have some serious rich kid rage!
by lacoste_lover December 29, 2005

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One who is raised by yuppies. Since all yuppies themselves are different, their offspring also vary. Most, though, grew up riding in the back of a Volvo station wagon on the way to soccer practice. Some went to private schools, where as others attend public school so that their parents can condescend the morons that generally are a dime a dozen in public school. The average yuppie puppie was taught to read college textbooks in preschool but will ultimately spend a lifettime living off of mom and dad.
Conner spent his childhood reading physics textbooks on the way to soccer practice. He's now in boarding school because he got kicked out of his quaint public school for teaching the class how to make crack. Yuppie senior is having a hard time explaining her yuppie puppie to the rest of the country club.
by lacoste_lover September 28, 2005

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Poseur is a truly moronic term used primarily by those who also meet the traditional definition of poseur (i.e. "trying to be something they're not". The reality is, though, poseurdom is a stage of adolescence. "Poseurs" are simply trying to find themselves, and, as a result, may go through nearly every phase there is. Just like you, the prep turned gangster turned goth turned emo turned skater is trying to establish who they really are.
The only reason one person refers to another as a poseur is because they wish to be seen as "hardcore" by insulting others.
by lacoste_lover January 22, 2006

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The sexiest kind of boy there is. On their own, they might not look that great, but if you put them in $100 jeans and a BMW, half the female population will happily have sex with them. This is because, as Good Charlotte sang, girls dont like boys; girls like cars and money. It is true, thus rich boys are sexy. Very, very, sexy.
Bob was at least 50 lbs. overweight and showered an average of twice a month. He liked to sit in class and talk to a hand puppet and get from place to place by hopping. I thought Bob was weird and gross. Then I realized he drove a new Range Rover and was a very rich boy. Now I think Bob is very hot.
by lacoste_lover July 26, 2006

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