A warning in which you let someone know to tell the person they are with to either relax or to stop acting in an irrational manner
Hey Kyle why is ya boy akin up, get your mans bro
by SydMak March 24, 2019
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You use this term whenever you see someone crushing or hitting on a guy. Usually in jokingly manner. You can either shout it while the action is taking place (example 1) or in a way where you're telling them to make the first move (example 2).
Example 1:

"Omg guys look over there!"
"Is that Jennie hitting on Kai?"
"(Shouts at Jennie from a distance) GET YOUR MANS GIRL!"
Example 2
Jennie: "What am I even supposed to say if I go up to him?"
Lisa: "Just go, you're worrying way too much. Come on girl, go get your mans"
by RachellSimpson September 19, 2019
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To get busy with your lady i.e. to have sexual intercourse but call it something much more manly.
I'm bout to get my grown man on.

Quit being a faggot and get your grown man on!
by cake-etiquette December 16, 2008
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