Way worse insult then “your mom gay
It is a phrase used to fill people
Jack: your mom gay:
You: your dad lesbian
Jack: *dies*
by Hamlethasaids March 13, 2018
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A deadly and a very rare insult used by the victims of "your mom gay". When this phrase is used, victim's dick will become inside out almost resembling the vagina, rendering depression obliging them to kill themselves at instant.
Paul: Dude, my dad fucked your mom today and now your mom is gay.
Nibba Greg: And your dad lesbian.
Paul: moans and dies
by Just a nibba tryna help February 17, 2018
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Retard 1: your mom gay, haha!
4th grade niggas: XD
Retard 2: your dad lesbian!
4th grade niggas: OOO0000000ooooo
by The Whale Bear March 16, 2018
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6th graders favorite comeback, its WAY WORSE than "your mom gay" like if you say it, the person you saying it too dies, like DAYYUM
bob: hey Steve, your dad lesbian.

steve: *dies instantly*
by qqDad January 27, 2019
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The ultimate career ender, a step above your mom gay lol. One should be very careful when using this insult and only as necessary, for it is extremely powerful.
Margaret: Hey screw you Liam, your a piece if shit because you stole my lettuce. You know what? ur mom gay lol.


Liam: u said I could have it. Actually, your dad lesbian.

Everybody who was at the scene died with exception of Liam. Liam is now god.
by Cool Nigger From Camden February 18, 2018
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The only way to counter the insult “your mom gay lol”. Using this will save your life and as a result bounce back all the gayness to the other person and end them instantly.
Obama: Hello my fellow Americans, I-
Your dumbass: haha dude your mom gay lol
Obama, staggering under all the gayness you just imbued on him: Oh yeah, well your dad lesbian lmao
Tú: oh shit *dies*
by Pinklepuff February 20, 2018
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