(n.) 70's slang - A young man or boy. Race is not inherent, however, it did originate from African-American culture.
"How's it hangin', youngblood. Gimme some skin. Solid day?"
"Run back to your crib, youngblood. It's getting heavy out."

by Smkngmgc March 29, 2006
young boys who are still wet behind the ears and can't piss straight.
Hey youngblood you figured it out yet?
by Jimmi December 7, 2002
Yo, youngblood - you want to by some gold fo yo lady?
by Rudy Gooch January 14, 2003
A young inexperienced person especially one who is newly prominent in a field of endeavor.
Uncle Drew: "It's too easy out here against these young bloods. "Don't reach youngblood."
by PurpleSidewalks July 22, 2019
The best album ever created. Featuring songs that will make you dance like Talk Fast and songs that will make you sob, like Ghost of You
"Have you heard YOUNGBLOOD yet?"
"Yeah, i am currently dead because of its beauty"
by 5sos stole my soul June 15, 2018
A fan of Fall Out Boy.

The term came from 'The Youngblood Chronicles', which is a series of music videos that all form one storyline. The series features all of the songs from their 2013 album 'Save Rock And Roll'.
The Youngblood Chronicles series stars all four members of the band, plus some special guests that were featured in some songs.
by hello-internet October 8, 2015